QCF level 4 not needed for Holloway product advice - FSA


The FSA has confirmed that advisers who are not level 4-qualified can still advise on Holloway insurance products.

The FSA has clarified, after several weeks in discussions with Cirencester Friendly Society, that advisers holding the lower level CF30 qualification can advise on Holloway products even if they have not achieved QCF level 4.

John Bridge, director of sales and marketing at Cirencester, said: "I was anxious to clarify what advisers could advise on the product after RDR. I understood it to be that only those advisers who were qualified to advise on investments under RDR level 4 qualifications could sell our products. But it is different.

"If a firm has permissions to advise on investments, independent or otherwise, as long as the adviser has CF30 they can advise on our products."

Bridge added that the complication around the FSA's special designation of Holloway products "does not make life any easier".

But he said it was now clear and the friendly societies now knew where they stood in order to move forward.

The FSA has given Holloway insurance products special designation under the RDR regime to accommodate for the investment element of the policies.

It has allowed commission payments to continue provided the investment return does not exceed 20% of the premiums being paid by policyholders.

CF30 is a category under which advisers can be approved by the FSA as a finance professional; it is not a certificate.

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