Women In Protection & Health Awards 2023: Full list of nominees revealed

Championing Diversity & Inclusion

John Brazier
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Women In Protection & Health Awards 2023: Full list of nominees revealed

COVER is delighted to announce the full list of individual and organisation nominees for the Women in Protection & Health Awards 2023 programme.

The COVER Women in Protection and Health Awards is our chance to celebrate the leading women within the life, protection and health insurance industry.

Industry bodies, firms and individual leaders are working tirelessly to address gender and diversity inequality, but the industry is still largely male-dominated while women are often severely under-protected financially in wider society.

These awards are our opportunity to recognise and celebrate those who are demonstrably changing the game; those driving industry diversity from within and doing their utmost to improve access to insurance for women and their families across the marketplace.

There are two new award categories in the programme for 2023: Outstanding Culture of Inclusivity will recognise the life, health and protection organisation that has created a new level of company culture with diversity and inclusivity as a key pillar, while Educator of the Year is open for women across the industry who are raising standards of education and knowledge across the sector. 

There were almost 1,500 total nominations for outstanding individuals and companies submitted for the 2023 iteration of the awards, demonstrating the depth of quality the protection, health, employee benefits and insurtech sectors can boast.

The final nominee longlist features 448 individuals from 130 companies across the protection and health insurance space, with several male industry members among the contingent, eligible for the Diversity & Inclusion Champion of the Year and Mentor of the Year categories.

All nominated individuals and firms will be contacted by COVER this week with information on how to submit their entry forms across the 17 categories. Nominees that do not submit the entry form will not be move to the short-listing phase of the awards.

The prestigious awards event will take place at Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square, London, on Wednesday 26 April 2023. To book a table or find out about sponsorship opportunities please contact [email protected].

Visit the event website for more information about the COVER Women in Protection & Health Awards. COVER 

Individual Nominees:

Abbie-Louise Small, ActiveQuote

Abby Carr, L&C

Agnieszka Purchla, OWL Financial

Aisling Burgess, Bupa

Aisling Young, Bupa

Alaana Woods, Bupa

Alexandra Schofield, HSBC Life

Alexandra Sweeney, Aston Lark Employee Benefits

Ali Crossley, Legal & General

Alice Richardson, Peachy

Alisa Wallington, iPipeline

Alison Esson, AIG Life

Alison Warburton, Aegon

Allyson Gayle, Isio

Alyson Perry, Sesame Bankhall Group

Amanda Blanc, Aviva

Amanda Cran, Buck

Amanda Curwood, Reassured

Amanda Moore, LifeSearch

Amanda Robinson, Bupa

Amanda Siskos, Vitality

Amanda Wilson, The Right Mortgage

Ambika Fraser, Unum UK

Amit Patel, Peachy

Amy Egginton, Bupa

Amy Pearce, Holloway Friendly

Amy Potter, L&C

Amy Povey, Aviva

Amy Sorrell, Reassured

Amy Whittingham, St James's Place Protection Planning

Amy Wilson, The Right Retirement

Andrea Hornby, Buck

Angela Davidson, Mortgage Intelligence

Anita Danso-Tawiah, Eminent Financial

Anna Dadas, Supreme Financial Solutions

Anna Graham, AIG Life

Anne Drugnick, Punter Southall

Anne Durkin, AIG Life

Anne-Marie Barleycorn, Drewberry

Anne-Marie Love, National Friendly

Annette Keevil, Cirencester Friendly

Anushka Patchava, Vitality

Anya Roy, Syrona Health

Arti Ranade, HealthHero

Aziza Bhana, LifeSearch

Babs Byrne, Guardian Financial Services

Becky Bailey, USAY Compare

Becky Myatt, Holloway Friendly

Berenice Briet, YuLife

Beth Husted, Unum UK

Bethan Winstanley, MetLife UK

Brenda Enticott, MetLife UK

Brian Seaman, The Openwork Partnership

Brianna Saraceno, AIG Life

Camilla Hoskisson, AIG Life

Carla Cheek, Reassured

Carly Gibb, Sesame Bankhall Group

Caroline Froude, Guardian Financial Services

Caroline Hume, Cirencester Friendly

Caroline Payne, AIG Life

Caroline Pilot, HealthHero

Caroline Smith, AIG Life

Carron Wilson, The Openwork Partnership

Cassandra Pilling, Towergate Health & Protection

Catherine Betley, GriefChat

Catherine Sinton, MetLife UK

Catherine Trimble, Scottish Widows

Cathy Yang, HSBC Life

Catrin Williams, Legal & General

Chantel McGill, iPipeline

Chantelle Buckhorn, Punter Southall

Charlie Gray, LifeSearch

Charlotte Barnes, Better Health Insurance Advice

Charlotte Lade, MetLife UK

Charlotte McGregor, 4most

Charlotte Nixon, Quilter financial Planning

Charlotte Rogers, Radcliffe & Co

Charul Kumar, 4most

Chelsea Ely, L&C

Chelsea White, LifeSearch

Cherian Skariah, OWL Financial

Cherylene Walters, Essential Finance Group

Chloe Carter, Legal & General

Chloe Davies, Guardian Financial Services

Christiana Fatola, OWL Financial

Christine Bird, CIExpert

Christine Husbands, RedArc

Christine Newell, Paradigm Protect

Cindy Warden, Zurich

Claire Anam, AIG Life

Claire Bostock, HSBC Life

Claire Cheesman, Foresters Financial

Claire Curley, AIG Life

Claire Nolan, Swiss Re

Claire O'Toole, Towergate Health & Protection

Claire Shine, iPipeline

Claire Thorne, AIG Life

Claudie Francis, iPipeline

Clodagh Morris, Legal & General

Collette Ward, Aegon

Craig Dickinson, Aegon

Debbie Bonser, British Friendly Society

Debbie Chatfield-Smith, Legal & General

Debbie Cullen, HealthHero

Debbie Irving, Capita

Debbie Kennedy, LifeSearch

Debra Clark, Towergate Health & Protection

Debra Sales, Aviva

Dianne Wheeler, The Insurance Surgery

Dina Bhudia, P2M Asset Management

Dina cohen, YuLife

Dipa Mistry Kandola, Cloud8

Dr Paula Franklin, Bupa

Dr Samantha Wild, Bupa

Dr Sheun Oke, Wealthmax Financial Advisers

Eka Vankova, William Russell

Elaine Cruickshank, Aegon

Eleanor Colvin, HealthHero

Eleanor Wood, Peace of Mind Financial Solutions

Eleni Sofroniou, ActiveQuote

Elle Darling, Canada Life

Ellen Thompson, Canada Life

Ellie Sultana, advo

Eloise Hammond, Skerritts

Emilie Ward, The Insurance Surgery

Emily Kate-Day, LifeSearch

Emma Astley, Cover My Bubble

Emma Blackmore, MetLife UK

Emma Davies, Legal & General

Emma Farrell, Holloway Friendly

Emma Smith, The Openwork Partnership

Emma Snowden, Punter Southall

Emma Thomson, Sesame Bankhall Group

Emma Vaughan, SimplyBiz

Emma Walker, Lifesearch

Emma Walker, Greenshoots Financial

Emma Ward, Red Dot Cymru

Emma Wood, Aegon

Fiona Kiwanuka, Royal London

Fiona Wainwright, Aviva

Fiona Wynn, Legal & General

Fran Bruce, Aviva

Fran Hoyle, Vitality

Francesca Ferraris, 4most

Gemma Cuff, Gemstone Mortgages

Gemma Howley, Aviva

Gemma Ingram, Aegon

Gemma Perry, Aviva

Georgia d'Esterre, National Friendly

Georgia Perkins, Aegon

Godwin Bassey, OWL Financial

Hannah Baker, LV=

Hannah Murray, Future Proof

Hannah-Jane Reiss, Bupa

Hayley Clucas, Caspian Insurance Services

Hazel Johnston, Legal & General

Heidi Stewart, BHSF

Helen Bullen, Buck

Helen Croft, AIG Life

Helen Harper, Legal & General

Helen Jacobs, Holloway Friendly

Helen Morris, Aegon

Helen Wakeley, Holloway Friendly

Hilary Banks, Guardian Financial Services

Hollie Osborne, Gemstone Mortgages

Holly Broad, AIG Life

Holly Hill, John Lamb Hill Oldridge

Holly Stevens, Bupa

Ian Teague, iPipeline

Inez Cooper, William Russell

Isabella Streames, Velvet Mortgage & Insure Services

Isobel Dobney, LifeSearch

Isobel Langton, The Exeter

Issy Minturn, The Openwork Partnership

Izabela Beda, Smart Choice Financial Services

Jackie Elliot, Unum UK

Jacqueline Durbin, Iress

Jacqueline Howard, Holloway Friendly

Jacqueline Kerwood, Aviva

Jacqui Cruse, Better Health Insurance Advice

Jade Barcock, Vantage Mortgages

Jane Irwin, Iress

Jane Redgrave, Bupa

Jane Sime, Towergate Health & Protection

Janet McAfee, Janet Elizabeth McAfee Financial Advice

Jaqueline Durbin, Iress

Jemma Crothers, Cirencester Friendly

Jemma Read, Pride Protect

Jemma Read, Redditch Mortgage Advice

Jennie Carhart, HSBC Life

Jennifer Gilchrist, Royal London

Jenny Binns, Guardian Financial Services

Jenny Earl, Cavendish Ware

Jenny Millsom, Aviva

Jess Williams, ActiveQuote

Jessica Vitale, Cirencester Friendly -

Jo Bennett, Punter Southall

Jo Eaton, HSBC Life

Jo Johnstone, Risk Assured

Jo Miller, Income Protection Task Force

Jo Throp, Krysalis

Jo Wilkie, iPipeline

Joanna Streames, Velvet Mortgage & Insure Services

Jon Fuller, Aegon

Judy Ashworth, Guardian Financial Services

Judy Parfitt, Vitality

Julie Arthurs, The Insurance Surgery

Julie Callun, Cooper Associates Mortgages

Julie Gilbert, 1st Mortgage Services

Julie Godley, Legal & General

Juliette Meads, Vitality

Kaila Gregory, Guardian Financial Services

Karen Anderson, Royal London

Karen Cooper, Caspian Insurance Services

Karen Fuge, Legal & General

Karen Howard, AIG Life

Karen Kaur, AIG Life

Karen Leys, Aegon

Karen Searle, SJP Protection Planning

Karen Smith, Towergate Health & Protection

Karen Tierney, SilverCloud Health

Karen Woodley, The Exeter

Karla Edwards, The Protection Parent

Karly Briggs, Coutts

Kat Ford, MetLife UK

Kate Buckley, iPipeline

Katherine Palacios, AIG Life

Katherine Weller, iPipeline

Kathleen Moralee, St James's Place Protection Planning

Kathryn Knowles, Cura Financial Services

Katie Crook-Davies, Tabei

Katie Dennehy, UnderwriteMe

Katie Tryon, Vitality

Katie Welsh, L&C

Katy Davies, Hanbury Wealth Management

Katy Jeanes, Better Health Insurance Advice

Katya MacLean, Guardian Financial Services

Keana Lejnieks, Lucra Mortgages

Kellie Whetton, Cura Financial Services

Kelly Bird, Protex Financial

Kelly Priestley, LifeSearch

Kerrie Cross, Aegon

Kim Powell, ActiveQuote

Kira Johnston, L&C

Kirsty Dyson, Cura Financial Services

Kirsty Jenkins, Holloway Friendly

Kirsty Telling, The Openwork Partnership

Klare Iveson, Vitality

Kristina Bordas, UnderwriteMe

Krystle Skelton, Cura Financial Services

Lara Fascoine, Vitality

Laura Benton, Reassured

Laura Bridger-Chilvers, Vitality

Laura Brown, Buck

Laura Havenhand, Caspian Insurance Services

Laura McCaskill, Aegon

Laura McDonald, Vitality

Laura Mitchell, Guardian Financial Services

Laura Vaughan, Scottish Widows

Lauren Brewer, Aegon

Lauren Doyle, L&C

Lauren O'Brien, MetLife UK

Lauren Peebles, Scottish Widows

Leah Bray, MetLife UK

Leanne Stancliffe, Cura Financial Services

Lewis Breach, St James's Place Protection Planning

Liam Kennedy, Vitality

Libby Edwards, L&C

Linda Cartmell, Aegon

Lindsay Blancke, Royal London

Lindsay Thatcher, Guardian Financial Services

Lisa Conway-Hughes, Westminster Wealth

Lisa Kelly, LifeSearch

Lisa Matthews, Guardian Financial Services

Lisa Wilson, Towergate Health & Protection

Lisa York, Sesame Bankhall Group

Liz Walker, Unum UK

Lizzie Bell, LMP Protect

Lois Bray, Canada Life

Lois Ives, Towergate Health & Protection

Lorri-Ann Gillies, Bupa

Louise Baker, Holloway Friendly

Louise Cauchie, Unum UK

Louise Colley, Zurich

Louise Monk, Rose Capital Partners

Louise Pratt, Aceso Health & Group Risk

Louise Sarsby, Iress

Louiza Deevey, Vitality

Lucie McGrath, WTW

Lucy Brown, Reassured

Lucy Irvine, advo

Lucy Pearce, advo

Lynne Flynn, Royal London

Lynne Heath, Freedom Health Insurance

Lynsey Gregory, Unum UK

Machaela Roberts, Bupa

Maria Bishop, The Openwork Partnership

Marie-Paule Birkett, Vitality

Mark Smythe, Capita

Marlena Kaszuba, The Openwork Partnership

Matthew Chapman, The Protection Coach

Maxine Jannetta, British Friendly Society

May Jupp, Holloway Friendly

Maya Levy, YuLife

Megan Farrer, Assured Futures

Megan Hammonds, The Insurance Surgery

Megan Lewis, William Russell

Megan Perry, London and Country Mortgages

Megan Pym, Unum UK

Melissa Conciatori, Munich Re

Michelle Hollywell, Towergate Health & Protection

Michelle MacKensie, Aegon

Michelle Scorer, L&C

Michelle West-Wiggins, Cirencester Friendly

Millie Cosker, The Protection Parent

Molly Dunn, Rose Capital Partners

Monika Pepel, OWL Financial

Nancy Reeve, WTW

Naomi Attwood, Bupa

Naomi Greatorex, Heath Protection

Naomi Venables, 4most

Natalie Baker, Bupa

Natalie Gilham, Guardian Financial Services

Natalie Lodge, Aviva

Natalie Mayne, CIExpert

Natalie Summerson, British Friendly Society

Natalie Woods, Reassured

Natasha Carayol, Wealthmax Financial Advisers

Natasha Hamilton, Mortgage Advice Bureau

Neha Agarwal, iPipeline

Nelson Osaghae Aifuwa, Eminent Financial

Nicki Plews, AIG Life

Nicky Bray, Zurich

Nicky Shorey, Legal & General

Nicola Bammeke, OWL Financial

Nicola Burke, Aegon

Nicola Cannings, Zurich

Nicola Denbeigh, LifeSearch

Nicola Goodman, Aegon

Nicola Hamilton, Aviva

Nicola Kingsley-Rowe, L&C

Nicola McKenzie, Dunham McCarthy Financial Services

Nicola Shield, Bupa

Nicoletta Curtis, Unum UK

Nikki White, Bupa

Nina Brown, Pam Brown Mortgages

Olivia Cashmore, Caspian Insurance Services

Orlagh Hallett, Mortgage Advice Bureau

Paige Webster, Halo Consulting

Patrycja Miazga, Smart Choice Financial Services

Paula Bertram-Lax, LifeSearch

Paula Brown, Holloway Friendly

Paula Coffey, Unum UK

Pippa Andrews, Vitality

Pouja Barot, British Friendly Society

Premila Hirani, P2M Asset Management

Qian Huang, William Russell

Rachael Bradbourn, AIG Life

Rachael Welsh, Guardian Financial Services

Rachel Allison, Mortgage Bureau

Rachel Atkinson, Legal & General

Rachel Eason-Whale, L&C

Rebecca Boulter, Unum UK

Rebecca Freer, AXA - Global Healthcare

Rebecca John, Holloway Friendly

Rebecca Kett-Young, Bupa

Rebecca Perez, MetLife UK

Rebecca White, Holloway Friendly

Rebekah Haymes, WTW

Revathy Manohar, HealthHero

Rhia Webb, Towergate Health & Protection

Riona Mulherin, Paradigm Protect

Robyn Allen, Robyn Allen Solutions

Rodger Baillie, SimplyBiz

Roopal Bharania, UnderwriteMe

Rose St Louis, Lloyds Banking Group

Rose Waller, Scottish Widows

Rosie Heslop, Legal & General

Rupinder Bahra, MetLife UK

Ruth Downs, The Platt Partnership

Ruth Heather, Royal London

Sabrina Lane, Aviva

Sade Botes, Spiritus Wealth

Salisa Hartney, Guardian Financial Services

Sally Burrowes, Vitality

Sally-Ann Dlaimi, HSBC Life

Samantha Haffend-Angear, Drewberry

Samantha Roullier, CIExpert

Sandra Scott, Bupa

Sara Wheeldon, The Insurance Surgery

Sarah Brannan, Buck

Sarah Dennis, Towergate Health & Protection

Sarah Fardon, Dragon Network

Sarah Fox, Merrigan Reis

Sarah Griffiths, ST&R

Sarah Hogan, KBA Financial

Sarah Houselander, HSBC Life

Sarah Patterson, Royal London

Sarah Pryor, Cloud8

Sarah Summersgill, Towergate Health & Protection

Saumya Barber, Unum UK

Shana Clarkson, Clover Financial Solutions

Sharon Mason, SMUK

Sharon Shier, WPA

Shaun Riley-Potente, Canada Life

Shelley Maidens, Stonebridge Netword

Shelli Bentley, Royal London

Shirley Fell, Cirencester Friendly

Shirley Gooden, Bright Advice

Simone Martin, Bupa

Siobhan Brookes, Folan Brookes Financial Consultants

Sophie Barran-Jones, Cirencester Friendly

Sophie Evans, Simply Zest

Sophie Money, Aviva

Sophie Padbury, Guardian Financial Services

Sophie Yeo, AIG Life

Stacy Penn, Association of Mortgage Intermediaries

Stephanie Hydon, iPipeline

Stephanie Jones, Red Dot Cymru

Sue Rose, Guardian Financial Services

Sue Seymour, Cirencester Friendly

Sue Smith, advo

Sui Cheng, L&C

Susan Chan, HealthHero

Susannah Heims, MetLife UK

Susie Beard-Moore, Cirencester Friendly

Suzy Esson, Holloway Friendly

Tanya Rawlings, Royal London

Tanya Thoreau, Guardian Financial Services

Tarnia Elsworth, TP Financial Solutions

Teresa Wighton, Bupa

Terri Hodge, Cooper Associates Mortgages

Theresa Deane, DXC Technology

Tracy Jeffery, Scottish Widows

Trang Tran, MetLife UK

Ula Sidorska, Vitality

Valentina Smirnova, AXA Partners

Vanessa Sallows, Legal & General

Vicki Goddard, Scottish Widows

Vicky Churcher, AIG Life

Victoria Clark, Cirencester Friendly

Victoria Roe Dos Santos, Buck

Victoria Still, AIG Life

Vikki Carey, Guardian Financial Services

Wendy Newman, Reich Healthcare

Will Shackleton, 1st Mortgage Services

Yvonne Biggs, Buck

Zanele Sibanda, Towergate Health & Protection

Zoe Ashley, Buck

Zoe Chennell, LifeSearch

Zoe Mears, iPipeline

Zoe Young, Unum UK

Zuzanna Ritter, Smart Choice Financial Services

Company Nominees:



AIG Life




Cirencester Friendly

Clover Financial Solutions

Gemstone Mortgages

Holloway Friendly


Income Protection Task Force



Legal & General


Owl Financial

P2M Asset Management


Red Dot Cymru

Redditch Mortgage Advice

Robyn Allen Solutions

Scottish Widows

Sesame Bankhall Group

St James's Place Protection Planning


The Openwork Partnership

Unum UK

Velvet Mortgage & Insure Services

Wealthmax Financial Advisers

William Russell

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