Lack of MAS PPI comparison tables proving "very difficult" - ABI


The Money Advice Service (MAS) is still in discussions with the Competition Commission regarding the lack of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) comparison tables on its website, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has reported.

Karen Evans, protection policy adviser at the ABI, said of the tables that have been down since June, that it was proving "very difficult" to get information on what was happening.

She said: "Following recent contact with MAS I was told that it is still in conversation with the Competition Commission. The issue is that providers are still providing the data which is not being used and are still signposting to the tables in marketing material in the knowledge that the tables are not available to consumers.

"The providers have made their concerns clear and I am trying to find out more information for them. The Competition Commission specifically said providers have to offer this material."

The MAS released a statement in response that said: "Our comparison tables have included PPI products, and in light of regulatory and consumer concern over payment protection products, we're currently reviewing what's best for our customers.

"We're continuing our discussion with the industry about the best way to present this information in the future. Meanwhile, our website offers substantial content - features and articles - about PPI, to provide comprehensive guidance and advice about this type of product".

PPI providers are required under the Competition Commission's PPI remittal order to provide information for comparison tables and to signpost to them.

It was one of the remedies published by the Competition Commission to enable consumers to shop around and create competition.

The ABI has also been working with the MAS to try and improve product guides including language and focus.

According to the ABI, the MAS's PPI guide has been improved in this area.

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