CII membership up 6%, surplus up 142%


The Chartered Insurance Institute has published its Annual Review for 2011, showing a 6% rise in membership and an operating surplus of £1.85m, more than double last year's £0.764m

The CII reported a significant uptake in exams, and claimed recognition of its thought leadership programme by other professional bodies and regulators.

In general insurance 17,898 individuals held Chartered titles. With the CII's support, the Aldermanbury Declaration gathered momentum with more than 225 firms pledging commitment to the voluntary framework.

The CII said: "Such unprecedented support from general insurance practitioners was testament to the ongoing work of the GI Taskforce, whose efforts continue to be instrumental in driving professionalism forward in the sector."

By the year's end 12 insurers and 94 broking firms held Chartered status.

The VII said the requirements of the Aldermanbury Declaration "undoubtedly contributed" to an increase in demand for CII examinations - which rose to 110,000, against 85,000 in 2010 - as did a steady growth in examination entries in international markets such as the Middle East and Asia.

Dr Sandy Scott, CEO, said: "As the CII celebrates its Chartered centenary the ongoing support of our members ensures we remain at the heart of the profession.

"There can be no better example of this than the Aldermanbury Declaration, which continues to enjoy an unprecedented level of support from the UK general insurance sector.

"Our clear, strategic plan and financial and operational strength means we can continue to invest in supporting professional standards as well as promoting the profession to the outside world, whether it is to government, regulators and other stakeholders, or the wider public.

"This has allowed the CII's influence to grow, not just in the UK but increasingly across the world where we are rightly seen as the global standard."

Performance indicators 2010 - 2011
Total membership 96,617 - 102,221
Chartered individuals 20,175 - 20,690
Chartered firms 372 - 468

Financial highlights 2010 - 2011
Overall revenues £33.97m - £38.14m
Operating surplus £0.764m - £1.850m
Net surplus £0.838m - £1.862m

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