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Dear COVER readers, 

We are delighted to be celebrating COVER's 20th anniversary and we believe that it sits front and centre as the foremost resource for intermediaries advising on protection and private medical insurance coverage.

To mark our 20th anniversary, we have launched a standalone, dedicated content hub.

This hub will looking at the past present and future of the protection, private medical insurance and employee benefits industries, and how these markets have evolved in tandem with COVER, which has also changed a lot as a publication over the past 20 years.

The content will be offering an overview and looking back, as you might expect, but will also broadly address the following issues and many more: how have these markets changed over the past 20 years, how successful have industry campaigns been, where are we now in terms of adviser distribution, what do we expect in terms of future innovations and market practices?

How do consumer views differ from the insurer and adviser markets? What does protection, PMI and employee benefits need to improve on to enjoy a much more buoyant future?

The content hub will be updated each week for the next two months featuring exclusive interviews with leading industry figures as well as features, images, polls and social media engagement.

And do keep an eye on our COVER Excellence Awards, which will also be tying into this theme with special 20th anniversary categories.

And we also wish to extend a big thank you to everyone who has read, contributed to or partnered with COVER over the past two decades. Here's to the future!

Fiona Murphy, editor of COVER magazine 

Alan Payne


Alan Payne, Chief Information Officer at Aetna International, provides a personal view of how the international private medical insurance (IPMI) industry has changed over the last 20 years.

clock 02 August 2017 •
20th anniversary: What have we learnt from the past 20 years in the Protection Market?

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The protection market has seen a lot of changes and heard a number of opinions, but what have we learnt? Scottish Widows' Johnny Timpson shares his thoughts on a few important things we've learnt over the past two decades.

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20th anniversary Q&A: Andy Walton on the art of selling protection

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An intermediary's 20 year journey

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20th Anniversary: iPipeline's Ian Teague on harnessing tech

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Twenty years in protection

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Legal & General discusses 20 years in the protection market.

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20 Years of Second Opinions


Dominic Howard, Director, Best Doctors Europe, discusses the evolution of second medical opinions.

clock 10 July 2017 •
20th anniversary Q&A: AIG Life's Vicky Churcher

Individual Protection

Fiona Murphy discusses how sales and marketing looked very different 20 years ago and how thumbprint ID could be the technology of the future for protection applications.

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